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Vellore Woods Tennis Club


PARTICIPANT FIRST AND LAST NAME:_________________________________________________

AGE:___________  MEDICAL CONDITIONS:______________________


PARENT/GUARDIAN FULL NAME: ______________________________________________________

PARENT CELL#:________________________________

PARENT EMAIL:_________________________________

SESSION #: ​ 1   2    3    4   5   6  7  8

The whole year SEP-JUNE: __________________________

LOCATION: __________________________________________________________

DAY/S:   MON     WED      FRI

TIME:   6-7PM    7-8PM    6-8PM      8-9PM      8-9:30PM

TOTAL PAID: $_____________  Second child: additional 5% off ________ 


​I agree to release and indemnify the VELLORE WOODS TENNIS CLUB, its employees and volunteers from any claims for loss, injury to persons and property however caused, while participating in the chosen activity, which I, or any other claiming through me or on my behalf, may at any time have, arising out of connected with the operation of the said activity.  


If a written cancellation is made within 14 days of session staring, consideration will be only given to either switching session or credit for next session.  No refunds/credits will be provided once session has started.  There are no refunds or make up classes due to bad weather, permit cancellation by school, holidays, vacation, appointments or illness.

I have read the above WAIVER and agree to the terms and conditions.

DATE: ___________________  SIGNATURE:_______________________________